Wedding DIY series: Part 2

Today I’m sharing my DIY gold glitter mason jar centerpiece tutorial and information on where to find affordable flowers. Let’s start with how to make the glitter mason jars-

Gold Glitter Mason Jars (no shedding!)

You’ll need:

  • Mason jars- I used quart size which I found cheapest at Target (about 80 cents each) here and it looks like as of today, they have the smooth ones at 69 cents each!
  • Chunky gold glitter- I used this one
  • Fine gold glitter- I used this one
  • Mod Podge- I believe I bought mine at Michael’s. I don’t think the finish matters as long as it dries clear.
  • Foam brushes- like these
  • Some newspaper/something to cover the table that will make it easy to fold to pour excess glitter back into the bottle
  • Small bowl

Set up your DIY area to save all of the glitter! Lay down some newspaper and get all of your supplies ready. Pour some Mod Podge into the bowl, about 1/4 cup or less for now, you can always add more as you need it.

Step 1-

Paint the Mod Podge onto the jar from top to bottom, working in sections. I would do about 3 times the width of the foam brush at a time. The Mod Podge doesn’t have to be smooth but try not to make it too thick. Once you finish a section, pour the chunky gold glitter over the Mod Podge and repeat until the jar is fully covered. Try to work quickly as to not allow the Mod Podge to dry. Set the jar aside and repeat this process with all of your jars. This should allow the Mod Podge to dry on the ones you started with.

Step 2-

Add some more Mod Podge to your bowl if needed, I will say about 1/4 cup again. Mix the fine gold glitter into the Mod Podge, start with 1/8 cup. The mixture should look relatively dense with glitter. I’m not sure how much I ended up using total but the mixture should be a sandy color. In my opinion, I don’t think you can have too much glitter so if you don’t mind wasting some, pour it in! Just make sure the mixture is a paint consistency.

Step 3-

Once the jars are dry (about 5 mins), you will paint the fine glitter mixture over the chunky glitter on the jars. This will add dimension as well as seal all of the glitter in so it doesn’t shed when you touch them. They won’t look amazing as you’re working this step, kind of gray and drab, but I promise they will turn out beautifully.

Our wedding colors were turquoise and gold but obviously these jars can be done in any other color glitter to match your theme. If you don’t want to mess with the glitter, I sell these jars already made on Etsy. You can find them here for $10 each.

Now to turn them into centerpieces…

I bought these wooden table number stakes and painted them a turquoise color, I used this paint in aqua. Just 2 coats of paint on the wooden stakes and let them dry. You don’t have to paint all of the way down the stake because it will be hidden in the jars.

For the flowers at our wedding I decided on fresh flowers in the centerpieces and fake flowers for the bouquet since I wasn’t doing a bouquet toss. I chose white hydrangeas which I used for our sweetheart table and used one head for each centerpiece. I bought 30 stems for $64.99 from BJ’s Wholesale Club available here. They also have other types of flowers and you can look around on their site without a membership. I believe you do need a membership to order but I used my mom’s account and was able to have them delivered to me. You order them online and once you place your order, the company that they use (In-Bloom) will email you to get your desired delivery date. They recommend having the flowers arrive 2-3 days before the wedding and ours was on a Saturday so I had the flowers delivered on Thursday. They arrived in great condition and I followed the directions that were given, cut all of the stems and put them in water. I ended up bringing them to my mom’s house anyway and we stored them in her garage which I thought was pretty warm since it was July but they stayed in great condition, no droopy ones!

I also put two gold votive jars with fake candles on each table. I found mine on sale for $1 each here (regularly $1.47). I was able to find an affordable pack of LED tealight candles on the same site but it doesn’t look like they have them anymore. Here’s a 36-pack that looks good for $13.99 on Amazon.

I will share the tutorial for my DIY sweetheart table centerpiece another day. In total, my flowers, centerpieces, and sweetheart table centerpiece ended up costing around $90.

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I hope this helps you brides on a budget! Please let me know what you think below.

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