Delicious 2-ingredient Margaritas

Since I named my blog Cupcakes and Margaritas, it only makes sense that my first recipe post would be for margaritas!! Be warned, these are not made from scratch. I actually can’t recall the last time I made a batch from scratch… Anyways, I found this recipe on Pinterest for Camping Margaritas when we were going on our first family camping trip. They were so easy and cheap to make, I was intrigued! I altered the recipe to our taste and made it a bit simpler!

I absolutely can’t drink Jose’s or any of the other fluorescent yellow mixers, they give me heartburn like no other. Prior to this recipe, I was using a mixer called Powell & Mahoney’s which is a local product and costs $8 for 750ml. Not exactly breaking the bank but it adds up. I also used to make our margaritas with Don Julio silver tequila which is $45 for 750ml. Expensive habit!

If you don’t want to taste the tequila in your margarita or if you want to get really drunk and wonder how… use Don Julio. It is so smooth and mild that you barely taste it. I now use 1800 silver which is around $40 for 1.75L.

Delicious 2-ingredient Margaritas

-1 can frozen limeaid

-1 limeaid can full of 1800 silver tequila + a couple splashes

-2 limeaid cans full of water


Pour contents of can of frozen limeaid into a gallon size Ziploc bag or another container for mixing, fill empty can with tequila and pour into bag, add in a couple of extra splashes of tequila, fill empty can with water and pour into bag, repeat last step adding 1 more can of water into the bag. Shake it up and work out the chunks of limeaid and you’re good to go.

You can still use this recipe as camping margaritas, just be sure to double bag them if you’re sticking them in the cooler. Enjoy!

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